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> HOW-TOSubscribe to RSS News Feeds

RSS feeds allow you to drop all of the news from as many sites as you want to read into one bucket every hour on the hour. Most blogs offer RSS and Atom feeds and will display an icon on the site or in your browser's adress bar (look for the icon in orange as well as blue).

There are many different ways of using RSS feeds, the most common of which is to personally 'subscribe' to feeds you will want to be reading regularly in a web-based or desktop-based RSS aggregator.

Web-based | Windows | Mac OS X | Browser-based

Web-based Windows Mac OS X Browser-based

Click the RSS icon at the right of the address bar in Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 7

Firefox (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  1. Select Live Bookmarks
  2. Select Bookmark Toolbar Folder
  3. Select Find the site's latest headlines by clicking on the feed's bookmark in the bookmark bar.
FeedBurner feed digest (seen in Internet Explorer 6, Safari, and other browsers)
  1. Select your web-based RSS aggregator service or, from the drop down menu, choose a program installed on your computer
  2. Follow the instructions for whatever feed reader you choose to use.


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